G.E.A.S   P.O. Box 1001    Norfolk VA 23501   Phone: (757) 567-7751
E-mail: angi0702@cox.net

President:  Angie Wolfe
Vice President:  Regina Cahoon
Treasurer:  Andre Mayfield    Secretary:  Hannelore Minyard


Fasching was held on February 25,17 with Dan Smith providing music for the social.  The club will provided ham, cheese and fruit.  The membership shared delicious side dishes.
+ + +

The Board of Directors decided to make some changes to the By-laws and the Membership Application.  These changes were discussed at the February business meeting.
Most notable of these changes was to make all “Charter Members” Lifetime Members of the club.  They will no longer have to pay dues but will have all the same privileges as club members.
+ + +

As most of you know Membership Dues are due in the month of March.  Also note:  Membership dues are changing to a flat rate of $30.00 for every member, no discounts for seniors or juniors.
+ + +


The upcoming March Social, on the 18th, will be a St. Patrick's Day Party with corned beef and cabbage.

April 15th Easter celebration, potentially an Easter egg hunt.
May 20th May dance, still deciding on a location.
June 17th still to be decided.

There was discussion about our club holding our own Oktoberfest again but to do this we will need to form a committee to work out the details.
We will still attend and represent our club at the Richmond Oktoberfest.

The Board of Directors is still having discussion about this year's Christmas celebration.  Since the membership meeting falls on St. Nicklaus Day.  They are thinking about having an early social and then having a New Year's Eve party similar to our Anniversary Party.  A request from membership was received to look at hotels on Military Highway for such a party to avoid high parking fees.
Feb. 27, 2017