G.E.A.S   P.O. Box 1001    Norfolk VA 23501   Phone: (757) 567-7751
E-mail: angi0702@cox.net

President:  Angie Wolfe
Vice President:  Regina Cahoon
Treasurer:  Andre Mayfield    Secretary:  Hannelore Minyard


The Board of Directors made changes to the By-laws and the Membership Application.  These changes were discussed at the February and March business meetings.  All members will receive a copy of the rewritten by-laws via email.  Of course hard-copies will be available for those members who don't have email.
+ + +
As most of you know Membership Dues were due in the month of March.  Also note:  Membership dues are changing to a flat rate of $30.00 for every member, no discounts for seniors or juniors.
+ + +
It will not be necessary to hold elections this year as none of the Board Members terms are expiring.
+ + +
Dan Smith sent a "Thank You" note for the GEAS' support/contribution to the German Radio Hour.
+ + +
There was discussion of encouraging members and guests to bring their children to the meetings.  If they do though, the Board needs to know in advance so we have something set up for them as in entertainment. Socials can also be scheduled in the afternoon--they do not have to be held at night.


There was a great participation for our last two socials.  Fasching with Dan Smith providing music.  The club provided ham, cheese, fruit and the membership brought deserts and side dishes.

So many greenly clad people were running around on St. Patrick's Day. They must have smelled the corned beef, potatoes, and cabbage was prepared by Reginia Cahoon's daughter, the Cahoon family really stepped up for this event.
Bert provided rolls & butter, Kelly baked a round loaf of Irish soda bread, Hannelore made shepard's pie and green cupcakes cookies for our meetings and socials.
Thank You All,
Sincerely "the Membership". 
* * *
April 15th Social - Tax party with  hot dogs, chili, and pork & beans.

Mar. 28, 2017